• Pulmonary Rehab

    The 6-Minute Walk Test

    You have probably heard of 6-minute walk test (6MWT) in your travels as a respiratory therapy student, and thought: “I wish a benevolent, handsome instructor would write a paper about that.”  Well today is your lucky day!  Well, at least as far as the benevolent part.  […]

  • Picture of red blood cells
    Gas Exchange

    Bohr Effect

    The Bohr effect: Describes how more oxygen is released to muscles and tissues when carbon dioxide (CO2) levels rise inside those muscles and tissues. This helps oxygen get to the parts of the body where [...]
  • Respiratory Calculations

    Understanding Oxygenation: The Alveolar-arterial Gradient

    PAO2 - PaO2 = P(A-a)O2 The Alveolar-arterial gradient (A-a gradient) is a mathematical equation that calculates how difficult it is for oxygen to cross the alveolar-capillary membrane.The equation utilizes two pressures;The partial pressure of oxygen [...]
  • Picture of hospital bed

    ARDS and Prone Positioning: Why Do We Do It?

    As a respiratory therapist, you are bound to come across your share of patients diagnosed with acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). These patients usually suffered from something that caused a severe inflammatory response like aspiration [...]