A respiratory therapist observes the following data while assessing a patient in the cardiac ICU. 

CVP = 10 mm Hg

PCWP = 15 mm Hg

QT = 11 L/min

Urine output 100 mL/h

Based on this data, what should the respiratory therapist suspect is wrong with the patient?

  1. Metabolic acidosis
  2. Hypervolemia
  3. Hypovolemia
  4. These values are within normal limits


The CVP, PCWP, QT (cardiac output), and urine output are greater than normal, suggesting hypervolemia (fluid overload). Normal CVP is 2-6 mm Hg. Normal PCWP is 5-10 mm Hg. Normal urine output is about 40 ml/hour or 1 Liter/day.