Picture of an oxygen tank used by respiratory therapists
Respiratory Calculations

Oxygen Tank Duration Calculator

If you don’t have access to the calculator above simply use the following formula to calculate the minutes remaining in your oxygen tank:  Here’s what you will need: Tank size & conversion factor for that […]

Picture of red blood cells
Gas Exchange

Bohr Effect

The Bohr effect: Describes how more oxygen is released to muscles and tissues when carbon dioxide (CO2) levels rise inside those muscles and tissues. This helps oxygen get to the parts of the body where […]

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Mechanical ventilation

Hazards of Mechanical Ventilation

Complications associated with mechanical ventilation are primarily due to the effects positive pressure has on the lungs and cardiovascular system. Positive pressure not only damages sensitive lung tissue but also may inhibit blood flow returning […]

Pulmonary function testing

Flow volume loops

Analyzing flow volume loops provides a quick way to detect lung disease. The appearance of the loop can reveal the presence of obstructive and/or restrictive lung disease. The location of the airway obstruction can also […]